I get goose bumps when I see a unique piece of art and I'm always amazed at the creativity and process behind the work. Photography is my favorite art form. A photograph can document a moment in time and steal your breath away all at once.

I remember my grandmother always taking pictures. She wasn't particularly gifted - she would make someone hold up a finger so she could focus better. But she documented our family story and we still enjoy getting out her boxes of slides when we are together.

That's why I am drawn to portrait and lifestyle photography - I want to capture compelling and artistic images of family life to be shared and enjoyed for generations. Whether I'm shooting a grand event like a wedding or just a moment in daily life, I look for unique perspectives, abstract details, and candid moments to tell a visually compelling story.

I love story telling with images and I enjoy creating customized photo books and multi-media productions. I have an informal, friendly, relaxed working style and I prefer working on location. People describe my work as quirky and fun.